How Can I Help My Friend/Family in an Abusive Relationship

Let them know that you are concerned
Believe them, know that what they are saying is only the tip of the iceberg
Create a safe space where they can talk openly and free of judgement
Reassure them that the abuse is NOT their fault
Use neutral language, especially when talking about their aggressor
Let them know that they are not alone
Tell them that you will always be there for them
Give them time to figure out their own way out of the relationship (always remember, they are the experts on their own relationship)
Try to understand their reasons for wanting to stay
Respect every decision they make
Empower them, do not take their power away
Remember that you are not there to rescue them, you are there to support them
Let them know that everyone deserves a healthy and loving relationship, including them
Direct them to specialized services…when they are ready
If you witness violence, do not intervene. Get out and call for help.

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