We know it can be overwhelming to reach out! Here are some common questions and answers.


Do you charge for your services?

All services are free of charge.

Do you provide services to men?

Yes! We serve women, men, and children who are victims of abuse.

Will you report to the police?

No, all information is confidential. In fact, you don’t even have to provide your name. (Keeping information from your advocate may limit services we can offer)

Can I bring my pet into shelter?

Service animals are welcome into shelter. We understand that pets are a very important part of the family. We work with Red Rover and local boarding kennels to keep your pet safe during a stay in shelter.

Can you call my cousin? She’s being abused!

No, we cannot call a victim on behalf of a family member. Most importantly, because we don’t know if it’s safe. We may be putting them in more danger. Instead, give them our number. Ask them to reach out when they are ready.

Do you have any rooms available?

You will need to call and speak to an advocate.

Can my kids come to the shelter with me?

Yes! We have limited space and when speaking to your advocate, let them know what you need.

Can you go to court for me?

That depends! Call and speak to an advocate about court accompaniment.

Do you have transportation?

We provide emergency transportation. If you need to come into shelter, call our hotline and transportation will be arranged. Once in shelter, speak to your advocate about your transportation needs to work, doctors’ appointments, etc.

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